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Jeffrey Seaman News February 20, 2008

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Jeffrey Seaman Update, February 20, 2008

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted any updates here about the man who changed the furniture industry in the U.S., Jeffrey Seaman. There actually doesn’t seem to be very much news available about Jeffrey Seaman as an entrepreneur and visionary because Rooms To Go seems to get all the attention. In fact, the main news of the day is to make note that the RoomsToGo.com Web site has been redesigned. The new site appeared in November of 2007 and is thought to be an effort by Jeffrey Seaman’s team to improve customer usability and ecommerce performance.

Rooms To Go began in 1991. As many already know, Jeffrey Seaman was a co-founder of the the company that has taken the lead as an American independent furniture resource with the nation’s largest furniture inventory. Rooms To Go is known for offering stylish but affordable furniture, original room packages, and superior service and fast delivery. today Rooms To Go is America’s favorite place to buy furniture.


Jeffrey Seaman Rooms to Go Profile at Hoovers July 25, 2007

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Jeffrey Seaman Rooms to Go profile appears at Hoovers.com.

Jeffrey Seaman Rooms to Go at Hoovers

Jeffrey Seaman Info Blog – First Post July 11, 2007

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theoretical jeffrey seaman silouetteThis is the kickoff post of the Jeffrey Seaman info blog. I want to set the basic tone and highlight the topics we’ll be talking about here, the main one being the life journey and accomplishments of Jeffrey Seaman.

Why a blog about Jeffrey Seaman? There are many voices on the Internet. Sometimes the least informative are the loudest. I believe that there is much to be said about the co-founder of the successful Rooms to Go furniture stores. I would like to present the findings of my research on this entrepreneur and businessman and share it with you all.